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The Patio Jr Smoker The Patio Jr

The Patio Jr smoker is one of the newest smokers and is perfect for someone who is on a budget and doesn't need a large cooking space. The Patio Jr is perfect for grilling fish, chicken, hamburgers, or even steaks. This outdoor grill is equipped with a reversible lid and the smoker box lid hinges on two bolts, which once those bolts are removed, just reverse the lid and put them back in. The smoker has 528sq in of total cooking area. Additionally you can add an optional second smoker grate for a total cooking area of 793sq in. Importantly this outdoor grill comes with a removable internal ash pan making cleanup is a breeze.

The Open Range Smoker The Open Range

The Open Range ™ smoker is one of our most popular smokers and is sure to handle most any outdoor cooking needs for families and friends. The Open Range is perfect for grilling steaks, chicken, hamburgers, or even smoke your Thanksgiving turkey. This outdoor grill has a large capacity suited for the entire family, it's perfect for cooking an entire breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Smoke your favorite chicken, pork, beef and seafood to perfection.

The Marshall Smoker The Marshall

The Marshall is an excellent smoker for group get-togethers, tailgating, BBQ competitions, or even light commercial use. This large capacity unit is large enough to smoke a half hog, a hind quarter of beef, wild game, seafood, all at any one time. This smoker is also very easy to clean due to the four slide out racks and a drain in the smoker oven.

Lump Charcoal Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Good-One Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal is fast, contains great flavor and is good for the environment. This lump charcoal contains chunks of Oak, Pecan and Hickory trees harvested from Central Missouri forests. It lights in half the time of ordinary briquettes and burns hotter and drier. This unique charcoal is designed to seal in flavor and moisture bringing out the best in your food. It also burns cleaner with 250 times less sulfur dioxide and 3 times less nitrogen oxide.


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