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j-335 therapeutic Jacuzzi Hot Tub j-335 Hot Tub & Spa

Jacuzzi J-335 Spa

The therapeutic hot tub

Therapeutic hot tub moves the water. The massage you get from these Jacuzzi hot tubs, not only feels good, but it is therapeutic. Why is it therapeutic? Warm water in motion stimulates endorphins, the natural painkillers your body puts to good use in several different ways.

The Jacuzzi FX10 Therapy Seat in the J-335™ (and in other Jacuzzi models) is the ideal way to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. The FX10 Therapy Seat has been designed to fit the curves in the body. Each of the adjustable-stream FX Jets is positioned to direct water with precision and strength. The J-335™ therapeutic hot tub includes a lounge seat - another one of the world's best places to enjoy a hydrotherapeutic massage.

Key Features
  • ProLites LED Lighting Package with Water Rainbow
  • Jacuzzi FX10 Therapy Seat
  • CLEARRAY Water Purification system

For more information about these popluar therapeutic Jacuzzi spas contact us today at 573-874-6972.

Seats: 4-5 Adults
PowerPro Jets: 40
Dimensions: 84 in x 84 in x 36 in
Spa Volume: 360 US gallons 1,363 liters
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