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Jacuzzi J-495 Spa

Customize Your Massage Experience

This new hot tub, introduced in 2012 has room for up to nine adults and includes some of the finest features in the hot tub market. With new concept ideas the J495 is classified as one of the best large hot tubs on the market today. This is the only Jacuzzi® model to use three pumps that gives every seat a complete and customizable massage experience. Additionally, each individual jet can be adjusted for volume control and the amount of air introduced to the jets can be adjusted by turning the air control. To test the jets in a hot tub, contact Columbia Pool and Spa today.

The J-495 hot tub is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. From the full range of massage features and combinations the J-495 have to offer to the wide spacious foot well , which allows each individual to have access to perfectly placed foot jets without crowding, this is one hot tub you have to see. Furthermore, each J-400 spa gives you a choice of color for our high-quality durable shells and a wide selection of spa cabinetry and covers.

Key Features
  • Clear Ray Water Purification System
  • ProClarity Filtration
  • Status Indicator Light
  • High-Volume, Low-Pressure Pumps
  • Spacious Foot Well
  • Indvidual jets

For more information about these luxury Jacuzzi spas contact us today at 573-874-6972.

Seats: 7-9 Adults
PowerPro Jets: 62
Dimensions: 90 in x 110 in x 41 in
Spa Volume: 620 US gallons 2,346 liters
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