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Marquis Microsilk
Vector21 V94 8 person hot tub Vector21 V94 hot tub overhead view

Vector21 V94 Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy Hot Tub for Every Body

The Vector21 by Marquis delivers a powerful flow and force from every Jetpod within the hot tub system. The Vector-Optimized laminar Therapy System features hydrotherapy design with no cross-currents or swirls of water. This unique design offers significant hydrotherapy benefits and delivers maximum flow volume. The Vector21 V94 hot tub is roomy enough to seat 8 persons and delivers a therapy experience unlike any other to every individual.

The Vector21 V94 Hot Tub by Marquis

Key Features
  • MicroSilk Skin Care system
  • Thermalayer insulation
  • Control panel
  • Stainless steel jet faces
  • Interior LED color light

For more information about these hydrotherapy hot tubs contact us today at 573-874-6972.

Seats: 8 Adults
Dimensions: 94 in x 94 in x 36 in
Spa Volume: 400 US gallons
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