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We do build completely customized inground pools at Columbia Pool and Spa and for that, a custom Gunite swimming pool is your best choice. Gunite inground pools are made using concrete that is applied using high volumes of air. Typically, this allows us to “shoot” or install a pool in one day.

Gunite is actually stronger than the foundation of your home – 5500 psi. It is easily formed to any shape and size allowing for virtually any pool you can imagine. So if you need to an inground gunite pool that fits your yard or lot just right, a custom inground gunite pool would work well.

Naturally, you can go as luxurious as you want with your custom inground swimming pool! You might want to add attached hot tubs and rinsing showers, compartments for water toys, and detachable accessories such as diving boards, slides and tunnels. We can help you with that too!

Why Custom?
  • Built to any size, shape, or depth
  • They allow for creative additions
  • A huge selection of finishes
  • Greatest flexibility when building a pool
  • Ability to incorporate spas, streams, and waterfalls

For more information about these completely custom pools please contact us today at 573-874-6972.

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