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OutBack Above Ground Pools

Unbeatable durability!

OutBack’s Above Ground Steel Pool is the ideal choice for a safe, lower cost, high quality small above ground pool. OutBack is the world's foremost steel walled pool manufacture.

With OutBack's wide variety of shapes and sizes, there is an OutBack pool for every yard and every budget. We feel that OutBack steel sided pools are the best value in small above ground steel pools on the market.

With years of above ground steel pool manufacturing experience behind them, OutBack has designed all of the potential problems out of the steel sided above ground pools. Using only pre-finished quality steel, OutBack pools are unmatched for strength and corrosion resistance. OutBack's Pools uses a combination of finishes to protect the steel structure. These finishes optimize its resistance to corrosion while preventing condensation between the liner and the wall to ensure a long, solid life for your above ground pool.

Available Model Brochures

Coral Seas

Pool Dimensions

  • 15'
  • 18'
  • 21'
  • 24'
  • 27'
  • 12' x 24'
  • 15' x 30'
  • 18' x 33'
  • Stabilizer support system for easy wall installation
  • Vertical supports treated with all-weather protective coatings
  • 1 piece resin connector and foot cover for precise fit and finish
  • Complete resin bottom assembly for superior corrosion resistance
  • Reliable, safe, and performance tested pools

For more information about these durable meta pools please contact us today at 573-874-6972.

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